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Purging the Sensing Lines of a Differential Pressure Transmitter

By Steve Brown – Brooks Instrument 04.04.17 One of the common applications for differential pressure transmitters is flow measurement by measuring the differential pressure across an orifice plate or venturi tube, or other differential pressure device. However, what if the fluid has contamination that can clog the sensing line, or if the fluid can crystalize […]

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On the Importance of Standard Compliance for Density Measurement

By Gerhard Murer – Anton Paar 07.04.2017 Anton Paar and international standards – a strong relationship: ASTM and ISO test methods as well as specifications are most important for customers in the petroleum industry so they can appropriately produce and control their products, ensuring their quality for efficient and safe use. Looking at testing of […]

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Gauges with Chemical-Resistant Coating: A Smart Solution for Highly Corrosive Applications

By Instrument Guru – WIKA – 02.02.17 Many applications in the chemical and refining industry, in fertilizer plants, and in scrubbing systems work with extremely aggressive media – and thus require bulk storage of highly corrosive or acidic chemicals that react with stainless steel. Therefore, it is not the best idea to use traditional instruments, […]